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Finially, since every Chapter won't contain a egts, please ssuggest a new title in the reveiws please, also, how do you put an accent over the e? The next morning, Ash heard banging on the tent. Ash opened it, and Officer Jenny was standing there.

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Tell me what's going on! Nothing going on here," he said as he turned around. All the girls had left.

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Only Pikachu remained, and he was asleep in the corner, unaware of the night befores events. Ash turned to an angry, suspicious looking Officer Jenny, who demanded to know what was going on. Ash couldn't figure out what to say, so he decided to confess. After all, his mom always told him to do the right thing.

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Ash started, "Uh, well, you see, what happened was But when Officer Jenny turned around, she knew she had to play dumb and make something up. What seems to be the problem? I want to zelda pprn what's going on! Misty knew this was the perfect time to play dumb.

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As she started walking away, she noticed some weird stain on Misty's pants. Ash figured she wouldn't find any evidence, so he told her she could. As she looked around, she noticed some more weirdly stained clothes, and something on the floor.

When the two weren't looking, she sniffed one of May's shirts, and realized what it was. He remembered it being the closest town to where they were.

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Well, why don't you guys pack up, and I'll take you there. Ash and Misty packed up, and they headed off to Lavaridge Town.

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On the way, a wild Numel jumped out and attacked. Officer Jenny's bike fell and crashed to the ground, waking Pikachu. But she was on the pill so that helped them a bit.

As they walked Ash's mind kept going back to last night with him having sex She got the story of how Ash got here out of him in the morning before she and him left the Pokémon Center. “I'm not the only one getting naked Ash, get to it” Jenny said as she now in her bra and panties. “Fuck me” the police officer panted.

Ash pulled May up and kissed her then pushed her onto the bed. He got down on his knees zsh began licking May out. She loved Ash doing this to her.

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It first freaked her out and thought it was disgusting, but soon she loved it and asked for it whenever they had time. He drank up as much as he could, but still there was a bit dripping from his chin.

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He climbed up and kissed May again. May tasted fucksd and she savored the taste. Soon Ash plunged his cock into May making her gasp.

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May seemed to be one of those girls that can keep her pussy tight. Ash pulled out then plunged back in.

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He soon got into a rhythm with May moving her vy to keep up. Ash complied and began pumping in and out of May faster and harder.

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