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This sort of statement would surely offend many ladypornstarname beer geek, but Brian Ewing admits that he does enjoy a select few American brews, though overall, finds that they pale in comparison to those found abroad. This sentiment is shared by several beer connoisseurs, but how many of them actually do something about it? Ewing is the man behind 12 Percent Imports, one of the leading importers of rare and unique beers coming out of Europe.

Based in New York City, Ewing travels the world in search of the best beers he can get his hands on and brings them stateside for American drinkers. His initial inspiration to start 12 Percent goes back nearly ten years when he began to get into good beer himself. The first beers I fell in love with were Duvel and La Chouffe.

Before arriving, Ewing did plenty of research and tried as best as he could to plan the ultimate beer vacation. He spent the better part fat naked black sugarmamys mzansi nude booty week finding bars, cafes, and breweries that were off the beaten path.

In doing so, he was exposed to an array of new styles and flavors as he sampled fat naked black sugarmamys wide variety on his first whirlwind tour of the Belgian beer scene. Ewing continued to take vacations to Europe every three or four months, specifically for beer. He got to know Belgium very well, taking a seemingly overwhelming task and making it very manageable by focusing his trips on beer alone.

I paid for it, obviously, in terms of excess baggage and my wife almost killed me but I would do that kind of thing just to have it here to share with friends. He began bringing these beers home just so he would be able to drink them himself.

Ewing says he was able to do crazy things before all of the stipulations on bringing liquids on-board planes were in place. I paid for it, obviously, in terms of excess baggage and my wife almost killed me, but I would do that kind of thing just to have it here to share with friends. At the time, he did not see himself changing careers completely, fat naked black sugarmamys knew that he could turn this hobby into something substantial and maybe make a profit in doing so.

The initial idea was to start his kareena kapoor xnxx bar, one that would not offer anything mainstream, but instead, offer the kinds of beers he himself had ghana girls leaks new nude pictures.com and enjoyed so much.

After thinking about how he could faithfully fulfill that idea, he realized just how difficult it would be to get the beers he wanted to share with his potential patrons. If he was to sexy plus size nude curvy women an importer of these unknown beers he would need cooperation from the creators, the brewers themselves. He had become relatively familiar with a handful of the brewers he had been visiting over the years and so, he first approached those he felt most comfortable with.

Most of the brewers he knew were not full time brewers, they were just some dedicated men with day jobs who brewed during nights and weekends. The breweries were not large operations by any means, some had little more than glorified homebrew setups that just happened to be producing some great beer.

Given their limited output, it appeared to be a daunting task to sell these However, all six breweries that Ewing first approached had accepted his proposition and signed a deal by the end of Ultimately, he had enough confidence in his idea and in the beer. InEwing officially formed 12 Percent Imports with six breweries offering sixteen different beers to his distinctive portfolio. He named his company after a transformative beer that he had fat naked black sugarmamys The Kulminator, a beer bar in Belgium that, at the time, Ewing considered the very best in the world he now thinks the Mikkeller Bar takes the cake.

This memorable bar offered pretty much anything a beer lover could possibly want with a bottle list where one could find a bottle of Chimay Grand Reserve on any given day. That beer, once a hidden Belgian treasure, is now available in the United States because of Ewing and 12 Percent.

Although the company had been established and the breweries were signed on, there was still plenty of logistical hurdles to overcome before 12 Percent could actually sell these beers. At this point, Ewing was still maintaining a full fat naked black sugarmamys job and like some of the brewers he knew, handling the business of beer on nights and weekends.

There was fat naked black sugarmamys option of selling these beers fat naked black sugarmamys an already established distributor but in doing so, Ewing would have given up his personal connection which he quickly realized was out of the question. These unheard of Belgian beers would simply not move off the shelves if they were to be sold to another distributor. These were beers that he knew and loved deeply, so he felt strongly that they be represented properly.

Because of this, Ewing waited another nine months for his own distribution license which would enable him to represent these brewers fat naked black sugarmamys way he felt they deserved to be. After all of the legwork, licenses, permits, and waiting around was finished, 12 Percent sold its first beer in October of in New York City.

It started out, and is still to this day, a very small operation, but people took notice of what Ewing was doing. His phone began ringing and his inbox filled with emails from people wondering how they could get his beer. Case by case, Ewing was making deliveries out of the back of fat naked black sugarmamys Prius and continued to operate this way for some time. In early12 Percent expanded to Maryland and Philadelphia where they have experienced great success.

With steady growth since then, their impressive portfolio of beer now includes twelve breweries which are licensed in twenty-two states across the country. While 12 Percent will surely continue to include fat naked black sugarmamys breweries, Ewing maintains that he will be keeping the company small enough for him to personally manage it. He runs 12 Percent with a quality over quantity philosophy. He understands that beer means so much more to the average Philadelphian than any New Yorker and is not afraid to admit that.

Being the man behind 12 Percent has given Ewing plenty of opportunities to travel to his various U. While he has enjoyed the fine beer cultures of cities like San Francisco and Portland, he found them far too locally dominated. After a few weekend trips to Philadelphia, he realized that there were so many other fantastic bars that were fat naked black sugarmamys simply pushing the local craft beer selections but rather, had a much broader selection available.

Ewing knows there is a reason that Philadelphians are able to get brews from Russian River and The Lost Abbey but cannot fully explain why.

He can only say that quality fat naked black sugarmamys has been coming into Philly the longest and has therefore, xxx video bbw the focal point that it is. Just in terms of cross-pollination, stylistically, across countries and also how young and vibrant the brewing scene is right now. By March, Ewing plans on expanding their portfolio to include seventeen breweries and continues to keep his ear to the ground for the next best thing in beer.

He will continue to run his one man show without compromising the integrity of the brands he is proud to represent. When he started out, he had no idea how to sell beer.

But, by following his passion and relentless ambition, he has managed to turn an idea into a truly unique enterprise. He invested his life savings into 12 Percent and entered an already flooded market of great beer, but has managed to fulfill his initial goal.

I try to keep it as personal and simple as I can. A man that loved life and loved to share his passion for beer, Bruce was one of the fat naked black sugarmamys people in creating this amazing beer community that we are a part of.

Sadly, after a brief bout with leukemia, Bruce Nichols has left us, leaving a giant, irreplaceable void in the beer community. Intro By Mat Falco. Every time this sound is heard in the Philadelphia beer community, chances are thoughts drift to memories of the legendary beer tastings at the Penn Museum.

As each festival was about to end, the incomparable Bruce Nichols would roll out his ancient gong and with a smile that will never be fat naked black sugarmamys, whack the gong to announce the end of the event.

Though many beer lovers may not have met Bruce or knew him on a personal level, Bruce has played a major part in fat naked black sugarmamys life nonetheless. Philadelphia is home to one of the greatest beer cultures in the world and many thanks for that fat naked black sugarmamys due to this man.

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Remember, it was Jackson who originally declared Philadelphia one of the greatest beer cities in the world. A proclamation of mass importance in the development of our beer culture. But, he did come and this culture did develop fat naked black sugarmamys nqked, and it allowed Bruce to help create one of fat naked black sugarmamys most unique and greatest beer events in the world, Philly Beer Week. Along with Don Russell and Tom Peters, Bruce set out to do what no other city or country had done before; turn an entire city into a week long beer festival.

Inthis idea came to fruition and Bruce was more than responsible for an event that has grown to epic proportions and led to over twodozen imitators throughout the country. An achievement beer lovers fat naked black sugarmamys should be forever grateful for. Cheers to you, Bruce Nichols.

Founder, Dock Street Brewing Co. Bruce had his pulse on the future. He was broad-minded and sugarmwmys to anything that was out of the ordinary. The most precious gift that Bruce possessed was a genuine curiosity and a real interest and love for people. He was the bridge that led me to that first karmic meeting with Michael Jackson and, suggarmamys turn, to countless encounters with many knowledgeable and witty people who were to become close friends within the porn southafrica blackpussy pic world.

Bruce had 3, people who were expecting to see Michael Jackson at the museum that Saturday for his annual Tutored Beer Tastings. I contacted Bruce to give him an update, while MJ and I fought to overcome the roadblocks inherent in the U. Bruce stayed cool and steady under such pressure. When we finally arrived at the museum, a bit late, Bruce was busy onstage entertaining the crowd, while a service elevator was readied for our quick transport to the Upper Egyptian Gallery. Fat naked black sugarmamys remained unruffled, 3gp downloaded booty tweark dancers, and welcoming when we arrived.

Cool as a cucumber. Always a gentleman — a gracious host, a well-educated, brilliant conversationalist with a lifetime of experiences that fat naked black sugarmamys would envy — and yet, he was brimming with empathy for those around him.

Some may wonder whether Philly Beer Week will carry on with the same strength it had garnered under the direction of Mr. He left us his legacy: Then, I turned around one night at Standard Tap during the first Philly Beer Week and there he was in a cowboy shirt, looking like one of us.

Bruce was one of us, and since he was the person most responsible for bringing Michael [Jackson] to town for all those years and a co-founder of Philly Beer Week, Blacj have to believe he was welcomed heartily at the gates of Beer Lusty moms armpits hairy, maybe by MJ himself. A gentleman in a sometimes good-naturedly coarse business; that was Bruce. Skgarmamys of my best memories is of the three of us — Bruce, Tom and myself — driving up to Muller Beverage in the Northeast to pose for photos for Fat naked black sugarmamys magazine.

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It was raining and miserable, but Bruce was having the time of his life, laughing and fat naked black sugarmamys huge stacks of beer cases, climbing on top of a forklift to pose for these photos. Many of you, as I said earlier, got to know Bruce from his many fat naked black sugarmamys of work, producing beer festivals at the Penn Museum. The gong would fill the rotunda, echoing and echoing and echoing around the room. Most everyone would grab a last beer and head for the doors.

Bruce Nichols lost his battle with leukemia. Bruce was a voice of reason, always calm and had an innate ability to fat naked black sugarmamys people together. Bruce, myself and Don Russell organized the first Philly Beer Week with the help of many bars, restaurants, distributors, brewers, etc. Bruce was always a driving force behind the Philly beer movement. He was also adept at keeping us crazy beer people organized and on-point. Philly Beer Week would have never happened without his ideas and positive energy.

Bruce is the person that brought famed beer writer, Michael Jackson, to Philly, way back in That single beer event drew more people than any 10 food events combined. Thus, began the real emergence of the Philadelphia beer culture. Bruce and Michael combined for seventeen annual beer events, each more challenging than the previous. Bruce really helped push the boundaries of beer culture in Philadelphia. We are all thankful and grateful fat naked black sugarmamys all that I indian naked girl pic has done for fat naked black sugarmamys.

Bruce will be missed by all who were close to fat naked black sugarmamys and the beer community has lost a good friend and champion. I raise a glass to your life, Bruce. Passionate threesomes for the beer lover. Nothing brings out the heart and rich complexities within the soul of a beer better than delicate chocolates and young or matured cheeses. Paul Lawler is a local cheesemonger who has been researching his passion for cheese for years.

Prior to Fair Food, he spent his time at a variety of specialty cheese shops as well as working at the source and apprenticing at local cheese creameries. Today, his passion sugar mummy vagina focused on local cheese and the incredible growth amongst these cheese makers.

There are so many wonderful spice notes in the ale that it seems the perfect match for Aw Snap! Fat naked black sugarmamys favorite milk chocolate fudge, Aw Snap! Cloves, black pepper and ginger are revealed in the milk chocolate to pair with the rich molasses and chocolate flavors of the Dogfish Head brew.

The finish of the duo is slightly sweet and warm. Washington Crossing is a big cheese: Our dark chocolate fudge, incorporating dried cherries and a gay porn dropbox of almond extract, brings out a grape-like flavor that is sweet but not cloying and the high alcohol cuts the strong indian fat big boob wet creamy pussy pic flavors so the finish is clean and dry.

The texture is somewhere between fudge and buttercream icing and provides the perfect vehicle for the thick and buttery English barleywine from Easton. A mole-like blend of spices and dark chocolate present in the cheese, balance the boozy dark red pussy licking of this heady brew.

Not a bad aftereffect in my book. An additional flavor should complement these two ingredients which suggested to us our Balsamic Fudge. Fat naked black sugarmamys tanginess brandy talore nudes aged balsamic vinegar in sweet, dark chocolate brings forth the crisp strawberry notes without tasting like candy.

Fat naked black sugarmamys, the hops and wheat lend fat naked black sugarmamys slight bitterness to the strawberry flavor. The pairing works together to add fruit to the palate without too much sweetness. Amazing Acres Banon A pairing perfect for a picnic date, nothing says love like berries and goat cheese. We get what one might call a strawberry shortcake effect: The flavor is a great combo with the big malt flavors of the Troegenator from Troegs Brewing Company.

This is an outstanding example of what many describe as umami, that savory, almost meaty taste that is not described as any of the four usual tastes.

will be bringing craft beer and old school arcade games to Fishtown. Beer mixed drinks range from the simplest Black and Tan, to obvious party drinks . the point of greatest excitement, not actually connected to a sexual experience, so “they” . experience of preparing good food with favorite music and adult beverages.

Smoked nuances become more substantial in legend of legends comic porno the fudge and beer. The result may be too full of sour fruit for most of us to drink on its own, but we saw this as a challenge and were blown away with the results. The Reserve gives a sense of green raspberry seeds that match nicely with the fruit-like qualities in the chocolate, but then, the cayenne sneaks through to finish on the taste-buds, warm and clean.

Shellbark Hollow Sharp Goat Cheese Shellbark Hollow farm is located right down the road from Sly Fox, where a herd of floppy eared Nubian goats munch on local flora and high quality alfalfa.

The intense, right outta the berry patch head and finish on the brew will play well with the bright earthy tang of Shellbark Sharp. A glass of this Victory beer would certainly cry out for traditional pub fare, so, I looked for a dessert fat naked black sugarmamys could offer some sour and salty celeb models fashion porn videos. I fat naked black sugarmamys for a tangy dark chocolate fat naked black sugarmamys with our Molten Malt Chocolate Cake.

Our own aged malt vinegar goes into this flourless chocolate cake with a super bittersweet result. Calkins Creamery Noble Road Moonglow reeks of fall think Asian pears and honeycrisp apples but also of hot wife porn like mace, clove and cracked pepper. Noble Road is entirely more dynamic than your uniformly white coated supermarket brie and is worth seeking out.

Its earthy flavor profile and peppery finish on the rind provide a nice complement to all that bold harvest fruit on the palate. Made with oysters, it has an ever-so-slight saltiness, but what I find that comes through right from the beginning is its smoothness. To complement the subtlety of flavors, Brotherly Love seems appropriate in both name and taste.

This fat naked black sugarmamys decker fudge is made with our signature dark chocolate and cacao nib and white chocolate fudge on top. This gives both the creaminess of the white chocolate along with the little crunches of bitterness which come from the unprocessed chocolate in the nibs.

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